Chuck’s Roasted Carrots

Chuck’s Roasted Carrots
  prep 5 min       total 20 min       serves 2


10 rainbow carrots
Pinch of chili flakes
Sliced shallots
3 tbs My Greek Landlord’s Olive Oil
1/8 cup Premium Apple Cider Vinegar
1/8 cup My Woodsman’s Maple Syrup
2 tbs butter
Chopped parsley
Salt and pepper
3 tbs pistachios
3 tbs raisins


  1. Heat olive oil on medium heat
  2. Add carrots
  3. Season with salt & pepper and chili flakes
  4. Cook carrots for about 10 minutes
  5. Add shallots then cook another 4-5 minutes
  6. Deglaze with Apple Cider Vinegar
  7. Add Maple Syrup, butter and parsley, let thicken
  8. Garnish with raisins and pistachios

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