Products are ready to ship

Products are ready to ship

As a Chef and restauranteur, I’ve had the privilege to work with many talented farmers and producers over the years. There is no doubt that the best are always dedicated to delivering the most authentic and delicious products.

By partnering with some of my favorite producers, I’m excited to share with you not only these outstanding products, but also the inspiring stories of the people who made them.

These are My Kitchen Staples and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.




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  1. Shelley Baskett

    We had dinner at the Garde Manger and the food was AMAZING!!! I see that the Garde Manger cook book is available, but only in French. Will there be an English edition available at some point?

  2. Tami kazan

    I just tried Chuck Hughes spicy antipasto that I bought at Ajax Costco…im looking for any Costco that is still carrying it in Toronto or Durham region…the stuff is soooooo delicious I want more but can’t find it anywhere …any info would be appreciated and I don’t use cards on internet

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