My Vegetable Farmer’s Hot Pepper Spread

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This spread is THE BOMB! It is spicy so if you want to add some heat to your recipes then this is the stuff for you.

  • Product of Quebec, Canada
  • Made from domestic and imported ingredients
  • 375 ML
SKU: 62784359057.
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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 11 cm

4 reviews for My Vegetable Farmer’s Hot Pepper Spread

  1. Stick it ally

    They should change the name to chuck huge! We got the gift pack of 3 antipestos and each one was worse than the next ….. needles to say our family of 5 chucked huge after tasting and directly chucked all 3 jars in the trash …. if you want a good cleanse try these otherwise stay away! The spreads have turned!

    • Christine Connolly

      Im really sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with our products. This definitely sounds strange, but it’s possible what you experienced were jars with a popped safety seal (as this can happen if jars are banged around in transit). Although we cannot know for sure, this would explain if the product had ‘turned’, as our jars need to be refrigerated after opening. We’ve send you a private email regarding this matter and hope we can follow-up with you in private.

      Chuck Hughes Team

  2. Emily B.

    Used this to make your spicy maple nuts recipe that i saw on Marilyn Denis. Can’t. Stop. Eating.

  3. Mel P

    I am obsessed with this, it’s so good I eat it with a cracker, I’ve gone back to the fridge probably 5 times tonight. It’s so spicy and so tasty. I have bought multiples of this probably 5 times now from the Bay.
    If you love red chilies, this is for you!

  4. Gary Beaucaire

    I love this stuff.. used it to spice up eggs , tuna melts, soups , even homemade salad dressings…once it’s gone I’m ordering more.

    Eating this sauce reminds me of one other thing I miss about not still living in Quebec, the talent people who make really great food

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