My Spicy Antipasto

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This spicy antipasto is THE BEST! I use it on everything from eggs to pizzas and even on fish or steak. Seriously, it’s addictive!

  • Product of Quebec, Canada
  • Made from domestic and imported ingredients
  • 375 ML
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free

Ingredients: Mixed vegetables [in variable proportion: hot peppers, eggplants, cauliflower, carrots, celery, fennel, olives, pickle, onions, capers, green tomatoes] • Canola oil • Spices • Dehydrated minced garlic • Salt • Vinegar • Sulphites • Calcium chloride.

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 11 cm

8 reviews for My Spicy Antipasto

  1. Helen Tsantsoulas

    It seriously is the best antipasto! We tried a sample Thursday night at our local gourmet grocer, loved it, and bought a jar. We finished it in two days. Seriously, it’s that good. We put it on our eggs, in our sandwiches, over baked fish, and even in our mussels broth. It’s addictive!

    • Christine Connolly (verified owner)

      Thank you, Helen !!!

  2. Sylvain

    Trop bon , j’oserais quasiment en mettre dans mes céréales mais je pense que ma femme appellerait Pinel lol lol . Pour de vrai, est addictive

  3. Lisette

    Un pur délice ! Sérieux j’en achèterais au litre. Ma fille et moi sommes tombées dans le pot hier et ce matin on en a mangé sur nos toast. Quand la visite va venir tout à l’heure je leur ferai découvrir votre produit. À vrai dire, c’est un cadeau de noël que j’avais acheté pour mon frère, mais il n’est pas passé, c’est un beau cadeau que je me suis faite finalement, très hâte de goûter les deux autres pots.

  4. Jean Louchez

    We got this as part of a care package from our company. It was SO good! We used it on everything (on rice, in hot dogs and hamburgers, etc.). The whole family loved it, we went through it in a few days. I need to find out if it’s sold in retail locations as it seems to be B/O on website.

    • Christine Connolly (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad to year the whole fam enjoyed. If you want to order online, our online site is back up 🙂

  5. Loretta Logan

    Just bought a jar because it was ‘meatless’,and could NOT eat it, it was nothing but oil. Not like any antipasto I’ve ever had. Gotta be a canola oil lover to appreciate this

  6. Jennifer

    I basically have an identical review for the mild version of this antipasto — this is one of the most enjoyable products I have come across! I am on the keto diet and it is a part of my every day. I think I am addicted, just like the label warned, but it’s OK! There is a lot of love in this recipe and it has wonderful ingredients. The spicy version definitely has some bite to it, and I can’t get enough! Your antipastos have made my keto journey very fun and delicious!

  7. Nina

    It’s delicious!!!!whole family love all your products!!!support local business!!!!

  8. Michel

    Je suis content d’encourager nos chefs . Si nous regardons la liste d’ingrédients cela est super. C’est la raison pourquoi nous l’avons acheté et aussi par le fait que nous connaissons m. Hughes par les médias. Mais , il y a un mais, “l’antipasto épicé” est beaucoup trop salé. Nous avons pris une chance malgré son 20% de sodium. Nous n’aurions pas dû. Si un jour vous pensez rectifier le sodium alors c’est certain que allons nous en procurer.
    Merci de attention

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